issue four // JULY 2016

"hot and bothered" attempts to grapple with the tension that permeates our lives day to day. distract yourself from the tedious throbbing with poetry, essays, photography, illustrations, and fever dreams from 30 contributors from around the world.

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Petronella Åslund is a photographer, artist and mailman in Stockholm, Sweden. With her work she explores and tries to make sense of the world around and inside of her. She has diplomas in photography from Berghs School of Communication (Stockholm) and International Center of Photography (New York) and loves nothing more than her darkroom. Patti Smith is her spirit animal.

Jacqueline Beas is an illustrator based in Cleveland, OH. She frequently finds inspiration through collaborations with friends, primarily through printmaking, drawing and painting. She co-manages Meowville, an artist collective selling screenprinted zines and fashions with her business partner and bff Anna Tararova. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art (2012), her life would not be complete without her tortoiseshell cat Trimble, who manages her life as we know it.

Angel Cezanne is a queer feminist moth queen and occasional freelance writer who makes zines and works for a non-profit in Akron, Ohio.

Claudia Chanhoi is a Hong Kong-based graphic designer whose work is purely based on her personal experience as a heterosexual woman in this dating jungle, and her female perspective on male sexuality (also female sexuality) with underlying humor. She is confused by, but also fascinated with modern dating relationships. Her work has been featured by Yorokobu, Brut Magazine, and TaxCollection, among others.

Allison Noelle Conner is a writer and zine-maker. Her review work has appeared in Jacket2, Entropy, Full Stop, The Art Book Review, and elsewhere. She enjoys seeking out ways in which writing can realign our notions of community, activation, resistance, and healing. She lives in Los Angeles, where she co-runs loose pleasures, a collaborative press project that is ever evolving and unlearning. Currently she is at work on her first book: a prose project concerning Lil, an anxious black woman, as she grapples with institutionalization, possessions, and unbecoming returns.

Maggie Cooper is a writer and pie-baker based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Other work appears on Bitch Media,, and in the inaugural issue of Heather. Follow her on Twitter @frecklywench.

Grace Ebner studies literature, creative writing, and women’s studies at the University of Akron. She is currently at work on a collection of poems about women and the body, exploring such topics as eating, body image, and sexuality. Grace also writes for The Devil Strip, an arts and culture newspaper in Akron, Ohio. When not writing, Grace can be found running, watching "Gilmore Girls" or getting lost on the Internet. Her role models are Laura Ingalls Wilder and Sylvia Plath. You can stay up-to-date with Grace's shenanigans by following her on Twitter @GraceLibby.

Kristen Felicetti is a writer, filmmaker, and the editor of The Bushwick Review. Her writing has appeared in The Rumpus, Hobart, and Shabby Doll House. She also does live analog visuals for bands at venues around the country. 

Annie Frame is a New York-based artist interested in capturing portraits of queer-youth culture, still oddity, and late night happenings. Originally a self-taught photographer, Frame picked up tips from skaters while also practicing in a small shared darkroom in Chinatown. She briefly studied at SVA, then later graduated from the International Center for Photography. Her final project, an autobiographical zine titled "A PART" was sold at the New Art Book Fair in 2015.

Bonnilee Kaufman attended the Lambda Literary Foundation Writing Retreat for Emerging Voices (2012) and is an active member of the QueerWise senior writing collective. She has been published in the anthologies: Ghosts of the Holocaust; Milk and Honey—A Celebration of Jewish Lesbian Poetry; on-line at BayLaurel; L50+; & journals: River’s Voices, Conceptions Southwest & Sinister Wisdom. Part of the Queerwise collective, Bonnilee has read her poetry at various venues around LA:  Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, Silver Lake Library, Barbarella’s, Highways Theatre, Skylight Theatre, Wallspace, & Akbar. These staged readings are under the direction of Michael Kearns.

A. Nicole Kelly is a Kimbilio Fiction Fellow who received an MFA from the Programs In Writing at UC Irvine. Her essays have been published by EntreMundos and yr an adult, and her fiction has appeared in Drunken Boat, ZYZZYVA, Fiction Southeast, and The Carolina Quarterly. She is a host of Bitchface, a feminist podcast featuring the words, sounds, and stories of dope women. Raised in the south and based in LA, she is working on a novel set in New York City and a collection of short stories that take place around the world.

Delilah Jones is a mixed media collage artist, photographer and poet from New York. She works feverishly from her bedroom in Greenpoint cutting up old magazines found in the street on trash day like a good shaman should. Her work has been featured by SFMOMA, HyperallergicBeautiful/Decay, Not Paper, and Bust Magazine, and she published her Portals series with Papercut Press. You can probably find her riding her bike around Brooklyn dreaming all the impossible paper dreams with perpetually sticky fingers and her sidekick best friend/pup Baisley. She wakes up at sunrise daily (even on Sundays).

Dacy Lim is a writer and photographer with a tendency to make bad drawings. She is about to start an MFA program for Creative Writing at Kingston University where she hopes to indulge in her obsession with the mouth. If she's not making a fool of herself with her friends, she's sitting at home making a fool of herself in front of her dog. Currently she is trying to figure out what to figure out next. Follow her on IG: @lacydim or read some occasionally inspired words at her blog

Aurielle Marie Lucier is a poet and black liberation activist hailing from the South West side of Atlanta, GA. Her artistic and organizing projects have been featured on CNN, MTV, in Scallywag Magazine and on a global host of stages.

Kelly Marages’ writing has appeared in Bridge Eight, Coda Quarterly, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Men's Health and, among other publications of various repute. As a former longtime editor at Us Weekly, she knows an alarmingly high number of facts about the Kardashians. Marages holds an MFA from Bennington College and is the founder of the book recommendation project,

Sydney Morin lives in Boston but will soon be in Los Angeles. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @sydmorin.

Kate Olsson is a New Jersey native, currently studying writing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She loves everything about her new home except the absence of her five cats. When she misses them too much, she finds local bodega cats to hug instead.

Hanna M. Owens is a Chicago-based artist, writer and organizer originally from Baltimore MD. Her curatorial and personal work has been exhibited at spaces including Institut Für Alles Mögliche and schwarzerkanal in Berlin, Germany; Museum of Contemporary Art and Woman Made Gallery in Chicago IL; Seed Space in Nashville TN; and Little Berlin in Philadephia, PA, among others. Her work in print has been published by Hand Job Zine, JERKPOET, Poetry Digest, be About It Zine, Accidental Zine, The Present Tense, The Jogging, Internet Poetry, and on the cover of Open Doors, the Institute for International Education's annual publication. She is currently in residence at Escola-Estudio RAIZVANGUARDA Artist in Residency Program in Bordeiro Portugal.

Yixuan Pan is adventure. Alien air. Pool. “Who am I? ” Interlocutor, eater, serious absurdist, Thomas Edison, self…. the otherness. Limitation of language - poetry in an expanded field, polyphonic broken music/glass/rainbows/found objects. The moon. 

Chloe Parks is an LA-based art director and co-founder of the bi-annual magazine, Object Journal ( Her background lies in design, and has spent her formative years working for fashion tech companies in Los Angeles. Always keeping humor as a focus of her work, she aims to create optimistic designs that create playful conversations. She doesn't usually write poems, but she did for this project and she might very well do it again!!

Caitlin Peck is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. She uses drawing to incite the long overdue release of social anxieties and the unpredictable act of relating to other people. She also plays with kittens and other peoples’ dogs for the same effect. 

Jayleen Perez is pursuing her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She utilizes photography to investigate the human body within the context of sexism, inequality and intangible beauty standards. She focuses on figure, color, and texture to create ambient and sensual images to help address the persistence and control of the media. She is eager to spread her work to others, build new relationships, and learn more about our ever-expanding world.

Lauren Rinaldi is a Philadelphia-based artist who works using unbiased portraits of women’s bodies as a vehicle to explore ideas about body image, sexuality and self-Identity and is often informed by her own personal narrative. Her paintings and drawings are meant to inhabit the space where the line between sexual empowerment and objectification is blurred. She aims to find connections in the new language we’ve patterned off of our need to flaunt the personal assessment of our bodies within the realm of our day-to-day digital landscapes and to observe the nature of women seeking affirmation under the guise of anonymity.

Regina Schilling is an artist who works in print publications & fine art. She is the managing editor of Hey Lady, a quarterly that she runs from her studio in Olympia, WA. Despite her range of mediums, the thread that runs through her work is feminism, humor and the color olive green.

Lauren Smith is an award-winning creative in advertising, working for TBWA\Media Arts Lab on Apple in Los Angeles. She found that if she sought creative satisfaction through her day job that she would be letting down her clients, so she started various side projects, starting with Take the Lead, which advocates for female leadership across a global network. She is a writer, a photographer, and a soon-to-be podcast creator. Check out her photography project, an exploration of the female body, at and look for her upcoming podcast, a story swap between victims and offenders of rape, sexual abuse or assault, at

Morgan Staley is a Cleveland-based artist. Through her work she is interested in exploring: color, texture, the human form, counterculture, and sexuality. She graduated with a BFA in photography from the Columbus College of Art and Design. John Waters, her cats, and her vibrator are some of the things she worships. Follow her on Instagram: @Visions00101.

Taylor Evelyn Yates recently graduated with a Creative Writing degree from Columbia College Chicago and has been busy writing a monthly astrological-fiction column, participating in political liberation groups, performing at bookstores and events in Chicago, and mentoring at South Side high schools.