what is selfish?

Selfish is an LA / Brooklyn-based intersectionally feminist memoir magazine featuring the art & writing of marginalized voices. released in a limited run of 750 every January and July, each print issue features, on average, 30 contributors from across the US and around the world. launched in January 2015, Selfish is sold in print in over 20 independent brick-and-mortars across the US and Canada, and can be found tabling at many zine and art book fairs year-round. 

how do you curate your content?

we release a call for submissions every May and October for our summer and winter issues, respectively. we also attend and table at many zine and book fairs and approach artists about collaborating, and many of our previous contributors introduce us to their creative friends and cohorts. 

do you pay contributors?

we do! pay depends on length / size of submission and number of pages in final layout. we start at $20 for the first page with $10 / pg thereafter. 


do you retain creative rights?

we do not claim rights over your work. we encourage artists to send excerpts of larger projects or pieces in progress in order to experiment with layout, format, and other stylistic elements.


when can I expect to hear back about my submission?

we do our best to wait to review submissions once the final deadline has passed. if you submit early on, this may mean a wait time of several weeks for feedback. we are a team of five with day jobs, and we dedicate as much time as possible to our passion project; it may take an extended time for us to all have a chance to submit our final decisions.

what can i expect as a contributor?

regarding visual submissions, we may select a portion or all of your series, and we will request hi-res files. written submissions may receive suggested edits with a request for consent from the author to execute editorial authority. all edits are run by the author and are open for negotiation. each contributor is compensated per the size / length of their piece as well as a complementary contributor's copy of the issue.