SELFISH is an LA // Brooklyn-based intersectionally feminist magazine featuring autobiographical art & lit by femme storytellers that started as a project born from the desire to explore what our world would be like if women were encouraged to be just that: selfish. to take pleasure in our work and confidently indulge in our creative storytelling without concern for the reactions of others. in short, to create without consequences. we wanted to carve out a space where women could bear witness to each other's vulnerabilities, insecurities, scars, joys, pleasures, and mysteries. we wanted to bring each other together and build each other up.

in our third year, we've looking to expand in so many ways. expanded to include work by nonbinary artists two years in and we're a full-blown community, growing exponentially with each issue. previous contributors invite their friends to become a part of the project, independent bookstores display us on their shelves, and we have the pleasure of getting to work with and celebrate incredibly talented artists. Selfish has taken us to several book & zine fairs, through a successful Kickstarter, and across the country - and we're not ready to slow down any time soon. 

we're eager to continue to build out this space, for all of us. thank you for helping us do the Great Work.

Taylor Yates (founder/editor-in-chief) is a bicoastal writer and editor currently exploring the intricacies and imprints of the psychological landscape through a keyboard and her space mouse alter ego. through pursuing an expansion of the understanding of truth, she aims to help rebuild the universal narrative to reflect and unearth its intrinsic ties to the female perspective. she eats too much sugar and wants to steal your puppies. 



Molly Cranna (creative director) is an editorial and commercial photographer in Los Angeles. she specializes in portraits, beauty, and still lifes, with an emphasis on interesting people doing interesting things. her clients include Wired, Glamour, More, Refinery29, Elle China, and Adidas.



Kelsey Nolan (editor) is a writer, professional book-slinger, and bottom-shelf wine extraordinaire. she received her Masters in Professional Writing from USC and spends her time asking people if they know what that is. other interests include dealing with inbox anxiety, hyping LA, and binging on literature. 



Yuiko Sugino (graphic designer) is an illustrator and graphic designer, born in Japan and living in Los Angeles. focusing on color and simplicity, her work ranges from magazine design to greeting cards to maps to indie film posters. she spends much of her time daydreaming about revisiting Italy, tap dancing, and fat cats.



Alys Velazquez (editor) is a Brooklyn-based writer focusing on poetry and short prose. she spends much of her time on both sides of the bar, haunting used bookstores, and photographing her breakfast.