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summer of selfish // on display through september 17th

an installation in Brooklyn showcasing the work of fifteen Selfish alumni, "Summer of Selfish" is a collection that speaks to power and defiance through collaboration. (3).jpg

issue five: void of course

featuring the esoteric confessions of twenty-three contributors, our fifth issue, "Void of Course," explores the shadow realm, the twelfth house, and the rays of light in between. 




a digital + print platform featuring memoir from the radically evolving.

borne out of a desire to examine generations of voicelessness, lack of agency, unawareness of and inability to articulate the generational effects of patriarchal oppression, Selfish documents the sensation of collectively shedding the skins of our silence and building our true creative narratives. each issue is a print mixtape time capsule exploring the esoteric themes of our development through endless mediums, including photography & video, comics & illustration, poetry & essays, zine excerpts, and other printable media.

in our two years, we've launched a successful Kickstarter, sold out of our first two issues, been carried in over twenty-five independent shops across the US and Canada, hosted readings, parties, and literary events, and tabled at several book & zine fairs. nurtured originally by Skylight Books in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, anchored by a cross-country tour adventure, and rounded out by our recent takeover of Tiny Hero at Little Skips in Bushwick, Brooklyn, our community has expanded fortuitously, growing with every issue, reading, and party.

we work in print twice a year, with issues coming out every spring and fall. submissions will be open at the end of summer - stay tuned!


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the team

we all started off as friends in different universes, threaded together by a simultaneous prickling to do something more. straddling the country, we make moves at odd hours, exploring our calling to add shape to the landscape of progressive art and literature.