a very hot and bothered letter from the editor

if you've been wondering where our June newsletter went, you're not alone. summer has been whizzing by without stopping to make sure we're all onboard. we've been hard at work on our fourth issue, "hot and bothered," which is looking fucking stunning - we can't wait to show you all of the work we've selected to showcase within our summer pages. but there's more lurking beneath our silence these past few weeks. there's more that has been brewing, more that has been boiling, more that is finally ready to be said. 

Selfish was founded as a community to serve women who felt their voices had gone unheard for too long, whose experiences had been diminished and disregarded and devalued by a patriarchal society, particularly in a male-dominated industry that routinely and consistently shuts out female-identified work. as a writer, I had experienced too much rejection and had fostered too negative an attitude toward my fellow woman and I knew there were others of us who wanted, who NEEDED a space in which to celebrate their words, their art, their lives, the moments that have shaped them, us. I was surprised and relieved to witness the project pick up speed in such a short amount of time. and it's grown, because of YOU, because you have found value in this community, because you have been moved by our efforts, because you have listened to the stories of our contributors, because you have shown support, because you have shared your stories with us. because you speak, because you listen, because you're here.
this space grows every day because you show up and you participate. 

in case you've missed it, our physical spaces are becoming increasingly unstable and violent. 
voices like ours are falling on deaf ears, are being ripped apart and left for dead.

the events of the past few weeks have worn me down.
the events of the past few weeks have stripped me of my strength. 
the events of the past few weeks have reminded me that as a queer black woman, I inhabit a world that does not belong to me, does not treat me as equal, does not consider me worthy of a decent life. 

the events of the past few weeks have probably caused you some of this pain, and possibly more.

but the events of the past few weeks have served as a reminder that community is important.  
I need you to know that this space is a safe space.
this space is a queer space and a space of color and a space of alliance. 
community is important. community is imperative. community is going to help us survive.
thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of this community. 
I only hope that you feel valued here, heard and respected and validated. 
and if there is more that we can do to help you feel that way, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Under the Wire will resume as usual with our July newsletter. 
until then, I hope that you receive the comfort you need. 
and I hope that you will forgive the silence.
it has been difficult to find the right words but I hope these will do, for now.

take care of yourselves. take care of each other.


taylor yatesComment