leading up to the release of each issue, we come up with a few strange, oddball questions and pitch them to our hapless contributors. learn a bit about the contradiction of time and space, limitless paradox, and all the feelings from the issue two artists and writers.

round one: with Carrie Hilgert, Harpreet Kaur, Mar Cuervo, Chrysanthe Tan, and Molly Kaplan

round two: with Megan Bealer, Alex Martin, Jenn Northington, Rachelle Boudoin, and Adriana Yugovich

round three: with Erica Larsen, Audrey Dundee Hannah, Denisse Martine, Megan Kelly, and Becky May

round fourwith Ashley Shell, Lenae Day, Charlotte Red, Rosa Quezada, and Daisy Noemi

round five: with Carmen Abbe, Ana Medina, Lara Kaminoff, Amelia Rebecca, and Chermelle Danicea Edwards

round six: with staff members Alys Velazquez, Kelsey Nolan, Yuiko Sugino, Molly Cranna, and Taylor Yates