рибка - Maya Herbert

"If the little girl knew what it is to be lonely she probably would feel very much that way. The outside world isn’t yet tangible or directly beneath her fingertips. Everything is just a little bit duller, a little bit softer. When the little girl is older she goes into dark places to find this quiet feeling again but for now she is still just a little girl."

revisit life from the eyes of a young girl in Maya Herbert's рибка ("little fish"). 

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fish out of water: change the channel

straight from the keyboard of your editor-in-chief Taylor Yates, this is a column for anyone who has recognized their potential to be in their right element / tribe / space / frequency yet continuing to fall short of actually making it there. oscillating between an ache and a hope of knowing that state exists. taking a hard look at what it might take to get there.

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