weekly astrology with Alice Sparkly Kat

weekly horoscope 8/29/16-9/4/16


new moon in Virgo


♈️ aries ♈️

start a new routine better aligned with your larger cravings.


♉️ taurus ♉️

center yourself before giving to reach your community with joy.


♊️ gemini ♊️

ground yourself. where you want to go is unclear because you have so many potentials.


♋️ cancer ♋️

recent mental stimulation gives you new ideas. don't worry about forcing an opinion.


♌️ leo ♌️

stand for something this week. you've been lacking boundaries in intimate relationships.


♍️ virgo ♍️

if you've been caught in addictive relationships, focusing on your identity will liberate you.


♎️ libra ♎️

how are you holding yourself back? emotional work empowers you through physical limitations.


♏️ scorpio ♏️

focus on who you're speaking to rather than what you want to say.


♐️ sagittarius ♐️

change your objectivity. it will alleviate distress from your past.


♑️ capricorn ♑️

what assumptions have you made? how has that clouded your thinking?


♒️ aquarius ♒️

rethink your intimate relationships to own up to yourself better.


♓️ pisces ♓️

a relationship change affects your identity. lose addictive patterns and not your boundaries.

alice sparkly kat is a Brooklyn-based astrologer. she has written and lectured extensively on astrological research at Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Dixon Place, and Ars Nova.