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illo by Sara Kloskowski

illo by Sara Kloskowski

Libra, Libra, Libra. You are either the most fickle, or the most decided of all the zodiac. You have in your mind every option available to you. You are the person who I come to, who everyone comes to for advice for lenience and for peace. Libra is one of the most tranquil, and wild species of the zodiac kind. The only Libra I have ever met that I have had issues with was a Libra who didn't know who to vote for. When I come into contact with Libra I know that I'm going to experience a person who can see all things. A garnet, a clairvoyant witch.

You are a person, Libra, who is not limited by anything. I have dated about two of you and I have never felt such peace, I have never felt like I could heave a breath in that time. We have experienced joy and a very, very potent sadness. It is either up or down left or right, north or south, east or west. Libra, I want you to know, for future reference, because I know you can't make a decision, the decision is Gemini. Always Gemini. You have to be with someone who cannot stand, or who can understand the dichotomy of your existence.

Libras are very prone to being the person that everybody comes to when they need something, or everybody comes to when they need to figure out what they are doing with their lives, or how they should've approached a situation. Libra is a wonderful person because they love with all their heart, but they have a known foundation, always a specific foundation that curates the way that they occupy space, and/or time. Libras have always given me freedom. Whenever I have been around a Libra I have been in pure harmony, whenever we have a restaurant we need to choose, they always know which one to go to.

Libras love dancing, painting, writing, fucking, loving, music videos, poetry, anything that can get them to make a decision about how they think they interpret something. Space they are extremely interpretive. 

The only advice I would offer a Libra is to not take anything too seriously. Cool out, and let the water signs do their emotional work. And when the earth signs and the fire signs need to understand a particular precarious idea, decide your need for a solution, take it to the back burner, give them an ultimatum.

-Will make plans with you, then cancel.

-Hold either no grudges, or the grudges of the century

-Feel they always have an objective point in an argument

-If you need to pick a restaurant, they will always pick the right one

-Loves to sleep in

-Feels most comfortable in intimate spaces

-Always smells good

-Is interested in writing, and photo

-Controls the weather

-Can always tell what politician will be elected

-Feels most comfortable in situations where the have choices, they don’t like to be spotlighted

-Kisses you when no one else is around

-Wants you to be on time

- Is always on time, if not, always fucking not on time, it’s either/or

-Attracted to everyone

Taylor Evelyn Yates is the sassiest bundle of life energy you'll ever have the pleasure of crossing paths with. a recent graduate with a degree in Creative Writing in Chicago, Taylor has a knack for expressing thoughts and ideas that are only becoming fertilized in our own minds. you can find her work in issues one and four of Selfish.

Sara Kloskowski is a Chicago-based Aquarius, artist, and friend of animals.