a mini-view with issue one's Alys Velazquez

Alys Velazquez, author of "saints & scumbags" and "psalms," is here from Brooklyn to participate in Thursday's reading at Skylight Books as well as clean out my fridge and make sure I eat right. Alys, known by many as my east coast wife, former roommate, and fellow tiny racially ambiguous buddy, had to wait until she got out here to actually see the issue (look I'm hustling okay?) and has been spotted holding it quite close on several occasions. naturally, I wanted (you) to know her thoughts.


TY: you've spent a lot of time poring over the issue, which has been really neat to witness. tell me about your initial impressions versus what you find yourself revisiting in these subsequent reads.


AV: my initial impression of Selfish was "wow, this is some classy shit!" Which is to say, it's gorgeous. Refined, sophisticated, subtle. Serious! Apparently, you can judge a book by its cover. Upon further investigation, the stories, photos, and poems are, surprise: gorgeous, refined, earnest and damn interesting. 


TY: it was at your living room table in Bed-Stuy last fall that I sat hammering out the first manifestation of the SELFISH credo. I probably seemed a little manic at that point (I probably was), but now here we are, just a few months later, getting ready for our first event. tell me a little about how you're feeling going into this.


AV: From possibility to actuality, my love. My low-grade social anxiety says I should be freaked out. My hardcore cynicism is sitting in a corner right now. I honestly feel VERY inspired by *you*, the process, and everything leading up to this event. It is only the beginning! 


TY: well shit. in turn, I've been insanely inspired by all of you gals too. okay: aside from our absurdly stable weather, what do you think you like best about hanging out in LA? after me, obviously.


AV: On this trip I've felt hyper aware of my surroundings, especially all of these gorgeous, giant one-bedroom apartments. Yes, I'm openly jealous. But it's kind of a positive jealousy that makes me aware of my totally acceptable and valid desires. Awareness & Acceptance 2015.


TY: any last thoughts?


AV: I don't think I've ever been in a place where I could walk half an hour without finding a place to buy contact lens solution and Benadryl but I digress. I fucking love you, LA & Selfish!


come see Alys and four other contributors read their pieces from the first issue of SELFISH this Thursday the 19th at Skylight Books in Los Feliz at 7:30 pm. 1818 N. Vermont Ave. LA 90027.