weekly astrology with Alice Sparkly Kat - 9.19.2016

weekly horoscope 9/19/16-9/25/16


waning moon opposite saturn


♈️ aries ♈️

some topic holds your attention hostage. don't avoid it but think it through.


♉️ taurus ♉️

the week starts off slow. later you deal with self esteem issues.


♊️ gemini ♊️

let yourself be unavailable so you can recognize how relationships affect you.


♋️ cancer ♋️

not a whole lot is happening socially this week because it is a time of self reflection.


♌️ leo ♌️

you like what you have but feel urgency in how you want to move forward.


♍️ virgo ♍️

you've been gaining insight with which you want to put into practical affect.


♎️ libra ♎️

take what you know about other people to create working systems.


♏️ scorpio ♏️

a face to face encounter teaches you about intimacy and how you control relationships.


♐️ sagittarius ♐️

notice who you see this week. they reflect some portion of yourself.


♑️ capricorn ♑️

translate what makes you secure, your creativity, into a skill you can learn.


♒️ aquarius ♒️

thinking through your past helps you uncover the child that still demands inside.


♓️ pisces ♓️

a change in mentality is useful for creating a new future and past.

alice sparkly kat is a Brooklyn-based astrologer. she has written and lectured extensively on astrological research at Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Dixon Place, and Ars Nova.