weekly astrology with Alice Sparkly Kat - 9.12.2016

weekly horoscope 9/12/16-9/18/16


full moon in pisces

♈️ aries ♈️


you notice something you've missed and attempt to fit it into your principles.


♉️ taurus ♉️


this week is about self knowledge, self care, and self control.


♊️ gemini ♊️


what are you trying to prove and who is your imagined audience?


♋️ cancer ♋️


you're of two minds right now. making time for both the external and internal is difficult.


♌️ leo ♌️


beware of entitlement. you want something urgently but must pay the price.


♍️ virgo ♍️


you're driven into emotional expression. reaffirm your roots for perspective.


♎️ libra ♎️


a flex in your routine affects you subconsciously and consciously in two different ways.


♏️ scorpio♏️


your own will power gives you validity and brings inspiration to others.


♐️ sagittarius ♐️


a familiar exchange frustrates you and forces you to redeal with a past issue.


♑️ capricorn ♑️


your own new ideas challenge your sense of security. be open to fear.


♒️ aquarius ♒️


finances and practical limitations frustrate your dreams. do something useful.


♓️ pisces ♓️


you feel too vulnerable for your shoes. this isn't reality, only what gives you sensitivity.

alice sparkly kat is a Brooklyn-based astrologer. she has written and lectured extensively on astrological research at Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Dixon Place, and Ars Nova.

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