"Feels Like Spam" is a warning.

A message issued by recent "dating" technologies that encourage young humans to engage in the exchange of digitized feel(ing)s. A declaration of a tangible state by an entity with no capacity to feel. An assessment made by a sentient being but executed through the emotionally neutered motion of pressing a finger against a panel of glass.

A judgment handed down by a pixelated jury.

A judgment upon a physical entity, a criticism of the presence or lack thereof of my physical entity.

A complaint about the way I'd chosen to represent myself.

She followed the rules.

She did not display the female body.

She did not displaying the female face.

The latter was cause for concern.

The latter was cause for warning.

That spam, the source of this undesirable sensation, may even feel the way her body feels.

This body, pink, feminine, malleable, flaky, pungent, squishy.

An acquired taste?

Found inside a tin can and available on a shelf inside your local grocer or bodega.

Keaton Fox is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work reflects and distorts the varied realities of the Information Age. Fox studied Video Art at Syracuse University and her work has received international recognition, having been exhibited in countries such as France, Italy, New Zealand, and in multiple cities across the United States. She recently moved to Detroit after working as a Teaching Media Artist at Cambridge Community Television in Boston, MA. In January, she will be an artist-in-residence at the Alys Foundation, where she was invited to create a site-specific installation for Digital Graffiti 2016.