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illo by Sara Kloskowski

illo by Sara Kloskowski

An influx of water. Cancers have full knowledge of our emotions and less of their own. They know when you’re embarrassed, or excited. They know not when their cheeks are pink, their eyebrows raise, and their face is expressive. A true water sign. THE water sign. They can see all the walls you’ve got up protecting yourself, protecting your mind. They can see through the bullshit. It runs past them like a tidal wave. It’s something that Cancer is born to withstand and comprehend, popping their heads out of the water like a curious fish.

The crab walks around the sandbank, terrorized by big wonderful waves, making it stumble, making it dance. The crab is a curious and feeling creature, excellent listener. I once sat with a Cancer for three hours as they listened to me babble about this and that. The therapist of the zodiac, eyes wide with empathy, words honest and reassuring. They want what’s best for you and they want you to succeed. In this, they end up building a desire to comfort others instead of themselves.

My Aunt Lynne, a woman who I admire and hold dear, will always put others first. On holidays, she fills the meal with food, staying up all night to cook it, and she is always the last one to eat. Cancers are as selfless as flowers, as giving and readily available as water, and they will never ask you for anything. We try and try again to soothe them, or perhaps show them that their maternal instincts are welcomed.

When my grandfather taught us to pick apart a crab he told us to push out the yucky green stuff and go straight to the heart. I used to ask all of the new Cancers I’d meet, “What’s your relationship like with your mother?” They have a maternal instinct like no other sign, like no other person. They want to coddle and celebrate you. This gives them joy, this gives them purpose. I have been held by many a Cancer.

Go to the library. Sit down and do your homework for about an hour and then stand to go to the restroom. While walking to the restroom you’ll see Cancers in the nooks and crannies staring off into space. They do not just hold their own emotions, but the emotions of others. Catching a Cancer off guard is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. With a Pisces daydream, and a strategic Scorpio mind, this water sign proves to be the most impractical caring sign in the zodiac.


-Incapable of grudges

-Will listen to you for 3+ hours with no interruption and full eye contact

-Cries alone, suffers alone

-Can turn the storm within you from chaotic to temperate with a smile and a few encouraging words

-Likes watching sad movies

-Hates being around people who are afraid of being themselves

-Very optimistic sign

-Has a warm heart on a cold day

-Thrives in late summertime, closer to Leo season

-Extremely gullible

-Make very good mothers

-Extremely sensitive

-The opposite of prideful

-Will dry the dishes while you wash them

-Very, very good at ballet

-Makes a great little spoon in a cuddle session

-Loves Virginia Woolf

Taylor Evelyn Yates is a recent graduate with a degree in Creative Writing and soon-to-be New Yorker. Taylor has a knack for expressing thoughts and ideas that are only becoming fertilized in our own minds. you can find her in the upcoming issue of Selfish.

Sara Kloskowski is a Chicago-based illustrator and fashion design student. 

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