PISCES - stories from the stars with Taylor Evelyn

will you understand your Pisces better after reading this? quite possibly not, but it certainly insightful nonetheless. 

illo by Sara Kloskowski

illo by Sara Kloskowski

"Dude what's your favorite sign?" The dreamer of the zodiac. They have an extreme case of synesthesia with a high sensitivity to color, and sounds. Fall in love four times a day, can't stop laughing after the joke is over, tears on their shirt, tell you "it's okay to cry, go ahead you're good take your time!" in public type. 

Deadlines, crybaby, Taking Back Sunday, grenades as flowering pots, tattoos on your lower thigh, clouds, teach you how to swim to the edge of the lake, peanut butter and jellies at the crick, big big eyes, passive, listens to everything you have to say, take your time. 

The Stars say that I'll find my soul mate in the Pisces constellation – with 60% of my closest friends as Pisces I can say that I've found a few soul mates. Initially when I’m approached and asked to explain this sign to people, I am always ambitious about talking about how they are such good listeners and how they are patient and how they are kind but they also drift.  

I hate to take a turn after being so straight, but this is truly a "Big Fish." Well-versed in fiction, a second story over every story, cataracts to the way things really are. They exert so much energy for other people, trying to build big stories around reality. The dreamer, the dreamer, the dreamer.


-drives you to Planned Parenthood

-has space in their mind for ten thoughts at once

-listens for hours to you talk about your problems

-almost always optimistic

-can down two whole Tony’s brand pizzas in one sitting

-feels more connected to water types


-finds you in the middle of a Tegan and Sara concert and kisses you on the forehead

-wonderful writers

-good taste in music

-feeds off the mood of others

-will text you after three years of not talking to you and tell you they miss the way you smell

-will house you in LA and NY and tell you they love you for who you are

Taylor Evelyn Yates is the sassiest bundle of life energy you'll ever have the pleasure of crossing paths with. currently finishing up a degree in Creative Writing in Chicago, Taylor has a knack for expressing thoughts and ideas that are only becoming fertilized in our own minds. you can find her thoughtful, hilarious essay, "How to Love Yourself," in issue one of Selfish.