TAURUS: stories from the stars with Taylor Evelyn

illo by Sara Kloskowski

illo by Sara Kloskowski

Taurus / Earth / Emerald / late April, early May

I've dated two boys with same birthday. They kissed the same, they received love in the same way, made love the same way. I’ve many friends who are Tauruses. They’ve all been loyal and true, and honest, and lazy, and stubborn, and wild, and unstable. They’ve also been, kind, and dramatic, and passionate, and forgiving. I need a lot of forgiving.

Tauruses are always extremely misunderstood. However, if you look close enough, get over the fits, and the panic attacks, and the fear, you will reach a Taurus's true nature. A golden center that is always unfortunately trivialized by the mind's need for familiarity. They don’t like trying new things, but they love the things they know and intend to keep them.

I’ve had Taurus’s charge at me. Accumulated emotion dripping from the seams. Seems like someone isn’t letting go of their emotions in healthy ways. This is a Taurus’s downfall. He feels righteous in his efforts to shun the world away, when all they are trying to do is extend their hearts. He tried to care about something. He tried to care about me. He tried to heal and be better. He was good, I believed in him. But, it was never enough.

I've dated two boys with the same birthday, but I only fell in love with one.


- More stubborn than they’ll admit.

- More caring than they’ll admit.

- Can taste every secret you’ve ever kept when they journey between your legs.

- Loves to be in situations where they don’t have to exert too much energy.

- Enjoys sex outside under trees.

- Feels less anxious in nature.

- Makes eating a priority. Hot Cheetos in particular.

- Listens to all of your nightmares.

- Reads to you on the phone to try to make you feel better for cheating on you.

- Gets distracted easily.

- Takes your virginity.

- Holds fake grudges.

- Enjoys entrepreneurship.

- Cheap.

- Steals the covers.

Taylor Evelyn Yates is the sassiest bundle of life energy you'll ever have the pleasure of crossing paths with. currently finishing up a degree in Creative Writing in Chicago, Taylor has a knack for expressing thoughts and ideas that are only becoming fertilized in our own minds. you can find her thoughtful, hilarious essay, "How to Love Yourself," in issue one of Selfish.